What to bring

Sunglasses, Sun block

No glass containers

What ever you want to eat or drink

Camera - video recorder (hopefully to record an  
epic catch)

SEA SICKNESS PILLS? If you are going to take
them , only take 1/2 a pill before you go to bed the
night before your trip, then as soon as you wake up
you can take the other half. Sea sickness pills are very
small but they are very powerful, you will be much
better off (no matter how big you are) only taking 1/2
a pill , they can make you nauseous.

Alcohol is permitted but please do not get hammered
on the vessel. We do not have any problem at all with
you having a few beverages and enjoying your trip,
we want you to feel at home while you are onboard
but don't make us pull a pistol and end the trip.
We supply all the fishing rods, bait and