Second place dolphin and third place tuna in the OC Marlin club Canyon
Kickoff Tournament 07'
Second place tuna in the Marlin Club Canyon
Kickoff Tournament 06'. "Foolish Pleasures"
also caught the third place tuna in this
tournament which is not pictured . There we
over 80 boats in this tournament.
2009 White Marlin Open 3rd place Tuna , 207lb big eye
We are currently looking for anglers for the Big Rock Blue Marlin
Tournament, The OC Tuna Tournament, the White Marlin Open, The Poor
Girls Open and the Mid Atlantic $500,000.00. Drop us an email or give
us a call if you have a group together that is interested in booking a boat
for a tournament or if you are looking to be part of a team we put together.

Pay outs - Anglers take 70%
            Mate's take 10%
            Captain's take 10%
            Boat's take 10%

Anglers pay entry fees, $1650.00 per day of fishing for the boat and
$350.00 per day of fishing for the mates tip.

Example - entry fees $5000.00 , 2 days of fishing $3300.00 , mate tip
Total expenses $9000.00
With 5 anglers $1800.00 per angler (we can take up to six )
Winnings $100,000.00  
5 anglers split $70,000.00  ($14,000.00 per angler)
Mate $10,000.00
Captain $10,000.00
Boat $10,000.00
2nd place tuna from the 2014
Poor Girls Open
Remember when looking for a boat for tournaments
you want a boat that has caught big fish and in
numbers, there is no substitute for experience. It is
better to have a real chance at winning than to simply
throw your money away.
2016 Big Fish Classic , 2nd place heaviest
fish, 3rd place stringer, 1st place shark , 1st
place boat under 40'
2015 OC Tuna Tournament, 3rd place heaviest tuna 1st place tuna boats
under 40'
2016 OC Tuna Tournament 1st place day 2 heaviest
stringer, 1st place dolphin, 1st place heaviest stringer
boats under 40'