Rates for 2017
O.C. Maryland MAY 15 -OCT.
Full Day offshore $1650.00
30 hour extreme trip $2900.00

Oregon Inlet N.C. NOV.- MAY
Full Day offshore $1650.00
Mate works for tips 15-20%
(aka 2 day trip)
To book a trip please follow the
instructions located below on
the right in green letters

we still have plenty of dates available
You can see our availability on the
calenders below
(calender updated regularly)
The B's on the calender below indicate days that are already booked


                                                                                      B 10                   B 11              B 12

B 13                   B 14                B15                              B17                         B 18           B 19

B 20                  B 21                  B 22             B23                   B24                  B 25              B 26

                                          B29                    B30                  

                                                                                                           B1                 B2

B3                 B4                                          B6                                                                 B9

B 10              B 11                                       B 13                 B14                  B 15                 B16

B 17                                                              B 20                   B21                  B22                  B 23

B24                                           B26                B27                                                                B30

  B 1                   B2

                               B9                                                                                                         B 14
Steps to reserve a day to fish with
us (
please read all instructions before you click
on the "Buy Now" button

1.    Please look at the calender to
make sure we are available on the
day you are interested in

2.     Click on the "Buy Now" button
below (There is a $500.00 deposit
to secure a date and a $20.00 card
processing fee) You will be taken
to a secure Paypal site , type in the
date you want to book in the
"description" box, then click
"done" and then click "continue".  
If you want to use your credit card
instead of a Paypal account you do
not need to fill in the email and
password information on that page,
just select the "Pay with debit or
credit card" option at the bottom of
that page -  YOU DO NOT NEED A

3.     Last, after you have paid the
deposit fee, send a text to
443-397-8455 with the date you
You can cancel your trip within
10 days of your trip date and
receive a full refund. If your trip
gets cancelled due to bad
weather or mechanical failure
you will receive a full refund